Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weather Stick..

This is a neat gadget..The Woodsman's Weather Stick..
and it really works..
The idea is you hang it on an outside wall or door casing, exposed to the weather. Stick will bend "down" to foretell foul weather and "up" for good weather..I don't know what kind of wood it is, but it does work.. We haven't put it outside yet..but in all honesty, I just have to look outside and I know what kind of weather we are having..Will be fun to check out in the spring..
Till next time, keep looking up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fingerprint Friday..

Haven't been able to use the internet because of the storm..Finally got it back..Well, after the storm, I was checking out the sunrise in the east, went to the patio door which faces the west and behind the trees, was a glow from the sun.

You can see the orange looking light. It was so beautiful and something so different, I thought it would make a beautiful Fingerprint from fast as it came, it was gone..I consider myself very lucky to have seen it and so thankful..

Be sure to check out Pampering Beki's blog and see what other Fingerprints people put up..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Sorry Hey Harriet, I have snow shadows again..I don't know where to go anymore..
nothing but snow all around me.

My little shed had a delicate shadow from the is little dips in the snow, they made a cute shadow and my dear Shamrock is to a big clump of snow..The way things are going here with snow, the Shamrock is the only green I will be seeing for quite awhile..forgot what my grass looks like.

Join Hey Harriet for a fun time..This shadow shot business is catching on, so many are joining in..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fingerprint Friday..

Fingerprint Friday with Pampering Beki..
I was having such a time, thinking what I would do for today..We are having nothing but snow and more snow..I was looking out the patio door and the little birds were just having a time with the bird feeder. What a sweet Fingerprint from God..I know I have used birds before, but they bought such happiness to me today, I am using them again..
The snow is beautiful, but I have seen enough and was feeling that way as I looked out the door..then the little birds started coming to the changed my whole thought pattern..Instead of complaining, I started being thankful..
So, not only do I thank the birds, I thank Pampering Beki for her wonderful idea of Fingerprint Friday...there are no coincidences..
Till next time, keep looking up..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something Interesting..

Unusual Red Glow Over Minnesota Credit & Copyright: Tyler Blessing
Explanation: What in heaven's blazes is that? When landing in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 2002, just before his flight ascended above cloud level in the early evening, passenger Tyler Blessing saw and photographed "huge curved sheets of glowing light extending from cloud to ground." The glow appeared unlike other unusual lights more typically seen, including crepuscular rays, anticrepuscular rays and the glory. A leading possibility, mentioned initially by the photographer, is that the light sheets are setting sunlight scattered off of falling rain. Alternatively, the phenomenon could just be a peculiar window reflection. APOD readers, who have previously shown an impressive ability to pool their collective intelligence to create a better understanding of photographed sky anomalies, are invited to discuss this online. It might help to know that EXIF data indicates that the image was captured on 2002 September 23 at about 8:07 pm in the evening (local time), and that the camera was reported to be pointing north of west at that time. The oval on the ground, visible in the lower right of the above image, is Canterbury Downs race track.

Now you have to admit, this is interesting..A red glow in the sky..If I was in the plane and saw this, my mind would have gone in high gear and don't know what I would have thought..but it would have made me nervous. So much we don't know and fun learning new things..
Till next time, keep looking up..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birds And More Snow..

We are having a little snow for a change..Started this morning and hasn't stopped yet..It isn't much, but enough..You won't believe this, but it is only snowing in one line and we are in the the left and right of us, they have sunshine..Had fun trying to take a few pictures of the chickadees..

The last picture is funny..One is leaving the feeder and another is coming in..Didn't know I caught them, till I downloaded the picture..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday.

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday to you all..Make sure you go to Hey Harriet's Blog and check everyone out..More and more are getting into shadow hunting..Have to admit, it is fun..Now folks, since Valentine's Day is over..We have the luck of the Irish coming..St.Patrick's Day..So the Shamrock will be dragged around for the next month..You know looking at the Shamrock. shadow, it is quite big..almost looks like the attack of the Shamrocks. Hope I don't cause myself nightmares..
Visit Hey Harriet's blog and join in the fun..
Till next time, keep looking up..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fingerprint Friday..

Fingerprint Friday.. Pampering Beki started this and every week I have great joy in sharing what I think are beautiful Fingerprints from God..
The sky is always a favorite and something I am truly taken with..Here are just a few pictures taken at different times. It is funny, I always end my blog with.".Till next time, keep looking up"..but it wasn't meant for the heavens..It was said for when we have hard times."keep looking up.".Yet, looking up has become something dear to my heart. Make sure you visit Pampering Beki's
blog and check out other Fingerprints..always a joy to see..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Isn't He Cute?

Nineteen-day-old ox 'Heart,' born with a heart-shaped marking on his forehead, relaxes at Yamakun farm in Fujisawa, near Tokyo, Japan, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009. Kazunori Yamazaki, 51-year-old farm owner, said, 'Good timing for Valentine's Day.'

(AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Now this is a very happy story and wanted to share it with everyone..What a sweet looking face..

Till next time, keep looking up...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday..on Saturday.

Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday is here ..I know I am really getting old, it seems like I just did this and here I am again.

Well, the first is the beloved shovel..Will be so happy to put it back in the barn..

We have a nice deck railing shot..Two shots of the heart next..One showing you, it is a bit heading into the house and will be put away next week, till next Valentine's Day..I am sure if the heart could would tell you how thankful it is going in a box till next year.

Visit Hey Harriet's blog and join in..more and more people are signing up .It is fun..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fingerprint Friday..

Here we are at Pampering Beki's Fingerprint Friday..This is a different kind of Fingerprint..

The sky was dark as the sun was setting.

I thought it was such a different kind of sun was just teasing me as it was going behind the clouds..What a beautiful fingerprint and one this wonderful planet couldn't do without. As I always say," Never take it for granted.".

Check out Pampering Beki's blog for other fingerprints..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Sun Setting..

As the sun was setting the other day, I was lucky to get these pictures..Something so beautiful about the sky..When you look at these pictures, you can tell it is cold here..As much as I dislike winter, there is a beauty about it..and I am trying to appreciate it.

Till next time, keep looking up..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday...

I have gotten very sloppy blogging, but try to always be here for my Shadow Shots with Hey Harriet..
So we begin with the lovely birdbath, nearly buried in the snow..then I noticed one of my lights was giving a shadow near my Blessed Mother picture..then on to my wonderful heart..Got a little panicky this week, wondering where I was going with it. Husband was on the roof shoveling off snow and was going to ask him to take it up with him, to get a shot..but I heard a little cussing from the roof and decided, I better be happy with the curtain shot..Make sure you visit Hey Harriet and see all the wonderful blogs that have joined in. Looking for shadows becomes habit forming..This is worse than chocolate..

Till next time, keep looking up..