Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Type Rose..

This rose is called, Rugosa or Beach Rose..It is a very dense shrub..nasty thorns..
It will bloom from June to October..I have them around the deck, very private bush.
Not much smell with the flower, but pretty..Now these rose hips you can use to make jelly, syrup and whatever recipe you want with rose hips..I always wanted to try and make something with them, but haven't yet..As you know, rose hips are full of Vitamin C, so it really would be worth the effort.
Things that grow in this yard, are usually things that are wild or no work at all to take care of. As I have said before, I am not a gardener..I wish I was, since I enjoy the beauty of everything.

Till next time, keep looking up.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shadow Shots for Sunday...

Wanted to put my shadow shots up for tomorrow, since I won't be here..Hey Harriet has me hooked and I can't stand the thought of missing a Sunday.
Be sure you go to Hey Harriets page, there are so many great shots to see..Of course I get a little carried away, but you have to admit, I am having fun..

I had to hold this moose up for all of you..He made such a cute shot..Then the little angel was on my deck and its shadow was perfect on the clap board..
So there you go, till next week..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Had to put these up..

I just got these patterns in my email from Lion Brand Yarn..I had to show them and if anyone wants them, they are free at Lion Brand Yarn..I thought they were so cute and look like fun to make. Wanted to show you, just in case you don't get the free email..About 13" high..You have to admit, they bring a smile to your face when you look at them..Hope you think they are as cute, as I do..

Till next time, keep looking up...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fingerprint Friday..

I am almost sure PamperingBeki is having her Fingerprint Friday, so that is what I will do today.

I am showing you a wild rose that smells the whole yard up with a beautiful fragrance..It really is a pest for some people and they get rid of it. The reason, as you can see in the far picture of the pines, it is going right up them..The thorns are quite sharp too..But it has rose hips that you can use to make lovely displays in the winter and in the spring the blue birds enjoy them..I think they are beautiful..and their Fingerprints are all over this yard.

Be sure you check out PamperingBeki's blog, there will be others that join in and have great Fingerprints..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cute Pictures..

These pictures came in an email..I had to share them, they are so cute..
The first one, reminds me of my brother and his first haircut..He sobbed..and what a time my father had getting him back for another..
Thought you all would enjoy a laugh for the day...

Till next time, keep looking up..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Statue.

I just saw a picture of the Statue Of Liberty and was so impressed..This is at Camp Dodge and made with
18,000 soldiers.. Thought you would all like to see it..
With the 4th of July coming, gives you thoughts of what this country is really all about and how thankful we should be..
I remember my grandmother saying how thrilled she was passing the real thing on her way to Ellis Island, from Poland..she was only 16 at the time and never saw her family again. She spoke Russian/Polish/English..and always told me, that there was no greater place than America..
and don't I know it..God Bless America..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solstice Celebration

You have to go to this site and see the pictures of Thorsten Boeckel and the traditional Solstice Celebration in the Alps..I was so taken with his photos and how beautiful they bring in the summer..Here is one picture, by Thorsten, but check out the on the picture and see it up close...

Till next time, keep looking up...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Projects..

Just a couple of pictures I am working on..The Icon is something different for me, only did one before..I am not sure just how I will finish it and always, time for another angel...Of course my angels are in a world of their own..That's what makes it fun..

Till next time, keep looking up.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Today is Hey Harriet's shadow shot Sunday..which I think is fun to try..Go to her blog and check it all out..She has done beautiful collages of all the shots of shadows that people have done..A very gifted person and one I am so happy to have had the chance to meet..Now for my Sunday shadows..My little gnome girl..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sachet patterns from Lion Brand Yarn.

With weddings coming up and always thinking of cute favors for the tables. Lion Brand Yarn had a wonderful idea with sachets..I put the pictures here and you can go to the web site for Lion Brand Yarn and get the patterns free..You just have to log on. I thought they were adorable and would give anyone endless ideas for ways to use them..Even put little candy mints in them, nuts, etc.. Just a wonderful project and what I like most of all, simple/quick..
Actually, change the color and make them for any occasion..
Have fun and let your creative juices flow...

Till next time, keep looking up....

Fingerprint Friday..

I am always in awe of the last week I took a few pictures of clouds..Two remind me of angels..As, some of you know, I have a fascination with angels ..
Of course, they may look different to you, but clouds are pretty anyway..As we all know, anything we see on this earth and realize its beauty, it is a Fingerprint..
Never take anything for granted...I can't say this enough..

Till next time, keep looking up..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continued from Yesterday..

First I will start with P.J's..Darn they are cute..
Next is a nice looking coat..
Pretty fancy dresses..
One is a Jonathan Logan, which everyone liked..
It is the one with the front and back shot..
Then the little jacket/dress..You have to admit, that is coming back..Next the two dressy dresses..What is funny, my sketch from school at that time is very much alike..
Had to end with a shot of
James Dean and his big movie at the time, "Rebel Without A Cause"...Pictures are a bit fuzzy..I did my best..
Hope you enjoyed a little fashion from the past...

Till next time, keep looking up...

Seventeen Magazine

Today, I share a few pictures of styles from the 50ies, in Seventeen Magazine.
As we all know, fashion is always making full circle, just a nip here and a tuck there..Did study Fashion Illustration for a very short time and they use to say that..everything is always repeated..
This blog will probably take two days..but it is kind of fun to see fashion and where it was, compare it, with where it went..
I even added a couple of my old sketches..

Till next time, keep looking up...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What a beautiful graduation..another milestone for our oldest granddaughter...Will start the pictures, with her when she was younger.The cake was made with the same picture. The last picture is with her brother.They have a very special bond and he will miss her not going back to school, with him, in the fall.
Our youngest daughter, made her a pair of earrings for the special day..she is the one I have the store with..Notice the date on the earrings..Very clever, don't you think?
As you all can see, another proud grandparent blog..but I think you are getting use to me by now..

Till next time, keep looking up..