Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Back.

This is just an update till I get going again..Had trouble with thyroid acting up..not a fun time.
If anyone is taking Armour Thyroid medicine and finding they are having trouble..they messed with their product. It put me down for the count..took awhile, but I didn't realize that was the problem from spring off and on into summer..till fall..
Waiting on bloodwork results..So if anyone is on Armour and having trouble..please check with your doctor. They reformulated their product last spring and no one knew about it..Neat..
Something that is over 100 years old..did good all those why did they mess with it?
Makes one wonder. This is a natural product..pharma can't make money on it..but from reports I read FDA going after it and because of pharma..Was on synthroid and had rashes/ulcers/bloat..Please pay close attention to what goes in your mouth and what they prescribe for you..Be your own judge. I have seen too many mistakes in my life by people that trust in someone else to be watching their health..
I could write a book on it..won't bore you..Just a warning..Know your body and watch what is prescribed.

Till next time, keep looking up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veteran's Day...

My heart breaks when I look at all the sacrifices our men/woman give for our freedom..Not just in America, but all that fight beside our troops. God Bless you All. Would not let this day go by without thanking you.

Till next time, keep looking up.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday..

I caught the shadows in the yard.

The house shadow was kind of neat on the ground, then the other day, house shadow is in the trees..

The last shot is in Portland, from hospital. While waiting for daughter to give birth and getting nervous, took camera out and started taking pictures (Baby/mother doing fine, little girl).

Notice the first picture. We had snow..melted now.

Be sure to visit Hey Harriet's blog for other wonderful shadow shots.
Till next time, keep looking up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fingerprint Friday.

As much as I dislike snow..there is a beauty that only God can create..the first snowfall.
Woke up this morning and there it was. Should be gone by this afternoon and I will be happy.
No matter how much I dislike winter, it gives a beautiful picture and I am always thanking God.
You can't like everything in life, but you can always be thankful. So here is our Fingerprint from God..Make sure you visit Pampering Beki's blog for other wonderful fingerprints.
Till next time, keep looking up.