Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Old Shed

Husband is trying to save the shed on our property. You know, this shed has such a cute look.
The size of the windows tell me, it wasn't just a shed. We hope to put new windows in. It has two rooms inside, seperated and in the center, looks like a bathroom spot. Very interesting.
In later years, someone used it for chickens, I think..but that is not what it was. Maybe we will find a buried treasure here..ha, ha..
Anyway, the project is started. Won't finish till next year. Will make it a cottage..and cute it will be.
Till next time, keep looking up.


M.Kate said...

Yes, do make a cottage..I love small cottages, and let me stay there when I go there..I'll feed the chickens if I have too hehe :) Oh, many thanks for your email and understanding..after sending it, I was a bit worried, thinking that you may thought i'd gone looney. Not everyone believe such weird experiences. YOu seem to have a huge land, something we hardly get living in the town, that's a place I would love. Lots of land ...even for an extra cottage. Lots of Love to you C and have a great weekend. Hug...M

Rosihue said...

what a great cottage it would make! Nice work done so far...looking great!

Jenn said...

Ooh it will a totally adorable cottage for sure. Are you going to do cedar shingles again? Ver New England. Good thought on it maybe being the same in a former life, you're right about the windows they give it away.