Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter Morning Sky.

The sky for Easter was so beautiful. Here are a few pictures of it.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover or just a great Sunday..
We had a wonderful day just being together.
That is what life is all about and so thankful we all get the message.
Till next time, keep looking up.


Gloria said...

Beautiful sunrise, really expresses the wonderful feeling of Easter morning. I had to work so felt like I missed the morning altogether, but had a nice Easter afternoon in the park watching the little ones with their Easter egg hunting (not my "little ones", they are all bigger than me now, but still fun to be around too.) Happy to hear that you had a good Easter with your family. :)

M.Kate said...

Nothing like having the family gathering. I have a brother and we are never close. recently, he has some health issue and started connecting with the family again and we are planning for a trip soon. It's nice to have the family together, it makes life ...complete. Happy week ahead.Hugs/M

artsyclay said...

What a perfect sky for Easter morn and so glad you had your family with you.

Ours couldn't make it for Easter but are coming this weekend. Nothing makes me happier!

Laura Hegfield said...

glorious skies!

Jenn said...

Gorgeous! In those first 2 shots the clouds look vertical, very cool!

MonikaRose said...

Beautiful sunrise, always loved the orange vibrant..lets me know the next day is going to be warm :)