Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Sky.

I am always amazed at the sky..These pictures are taken as the sun was going down..
Clouds moving in..First the temps were 82 degrees, during the day. Then when the sun started to set, we dropped to 62 degrees. You are never sure what to expect here, but I always appreciate God's beauty and the sky is one of my favorites..
Till next time, keep looking up.


XUE said...

I love clouds. To this day, the kids & I would point out amazing cloud-shapes wherever we are. Like you, we never get tired of looking at God's work.

Gloria said...

Love the cloud photos...each day is different as each cloud is different and it is amazing to wonder at, especially nice during a sunset or sunrise when the light makes new patterns. Glad you are still looking up and taking these wonderful shots! Smile today. :)

Written now, read forever.,., said...

Nice shots.

Jenn said...

And I am always amazed at your phenomenal pictures of the sky! So pretty! Enjoy the sunshine & warmth this long holiday weekend :-)