Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are starting to get cucumbers and here is a fun recipe I thought I would share for dill pickles.

Years ago my mom was given this recipe from a woman and she called it , 4 Day Pickles..

You pick the pickling cukes small, wash, clip top and bottom off.

Pack in a quart jar, tight. Add crushed garlic/dill or 2TBS dill seed..Add 2TBS salt. Fill jar with warm tap water and put tight cap on..
1st day..jar stands upright
2nd day ..turn jar upside down
3rd day...turn jar upright
4th day they go in the fridge..
That is it..when chilled have a nice dill pickle..
Use the dill/garlic to your taste.
Happy pickling..
Till next time, keep looking up.


LindyLouMac said...

There is nothing like having your own produce is there.

M.Kate said...

Oooo..pickles. The only cucumber pickle I know and eat is from the McDonald's burger. It's interesting about this recipe so I think I'll try when I am back. Leaving Hanoi tomorow and will miss you. Still have lots to talk to you..but just to let you know, all is good at home (wink*) and Emi has improved a lot. Everything is out in the open and she is relieved. The father is relieved. I am relieved and am able to enjoy my trip :) Big hugs to you great to have you as a friend :P

Rosihue said...

sounds good to me! You making me some? ahaha xo