Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing But Rain..

Okay, it is still raining and there is no change till Saturday, MAYBE...Now, I can take only so many pictures of the humming birds..but then I happened to catch another bird.
I was talking a mile a minute, to my husband, and didn't get an answer..came around the corner and now I know why he was so quiet..napping..He tells me he doesn't nap..Ha! The proof is in the picture..
Rainy weather is getting hard to take.

Till next time, keep looking up.


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

heehee, great blackmail shot of your husband! Matt tries to tell me the same thing but without fail every night I glance over at him with his eyes closed in his chair :-)

I too am completely over this rainy spring. I know we need the moisture for the flowers and whatnot but we need sun too! My SAD can not handle this long without appreciable sun & warmth.

Hope you have a fantastic week my friend :-)

Gloria said...

So much rain, all I wanted to do was sleep! But I'm happy to say we are getting beautiful sunshine again so I got out and took a long walk already today, enjoyed the birds and flowers. Have a good weekend, especially if it dries up there a little for you.
Smile today. :)

artsyclay said...

ha ha it pays to keep the camera handy.

I hope the sun will come out for you soon.

xxo Judy xxo

M.Kate said...

Aha! there's proof now, no more denying from dear husband. Carolyn, I miss blogging so much and you too. I will be back soon....I have a pair of very noisy parakeets at home. They bicker non stop and we have birds coming to our home everyday as there's lot of seeds dropping from the bird's cage. However, one is not welcome. This kingfisher comes to our home every day in search of fishes. It comes form a lake near our home, and I have a few pots of lotuses and water lilies with lots of small fishes inside. They are all gone, eaten by this kingfisher, so we are most annoyed and there is no way to catch it. We had scorching hot weather for 2 weeks and back to rain daily now. The weather's gone crazy now :( hugs.......m

Bethe77 said...

I love the humming feeders. We had to take all our feeders down when they started this new makeover for the grounds. i can hardly wait to get them up and running once again. Miss watching the playful birds.
Love the blackmail picture of hubby sleeping. Caught in act!