Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Little Sparrow.

This little sparrow sits every morning and sings for us. What a beautiful sound.
Some may not even pay attention, since their color is not outstanding and doesn't catch your eye..but didn't God give him a beautiful sound..Isn't that the way life is..some of us feel like nothing, but each and every one of us was given a special gift..and when you use it, it is like this little sparrow..You will sing a beautiful song..

Till next time, keep looking up.


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

So true! And its nice to see birds emerging and green leaves across the trees signaling a lovely spring in the northeast. Enjoy the song my friend :-) xoxoxo

Music Luva Mutha said...

That was so beautiful and inspiring! Nicely written, thank you! xoxoxo

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

So sweet, we have rather too many sparrows nesting in our roof and they provide a very loud dawn chorus.

Gloria said...

Sweet little birds, Emily likes watching them out the window and I do like their song...not as demanding as the big geese at the pond! Fun watching all the birds that come around. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too! I had a long drive back from my daughter's graduation that day (but it was totally worth it!)
Smile today. :)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I love all the birds in our garden but the sparrows have a special spot in my heart for some unknown reason.

Thanks so much for you kind thoughts and condolences, much appreciated. Diane

M.Kate said...

Hello there :))
firstly, I have missed you a lot! I am good and well, just busy and being lazy but I am back for good (hopefully hehe..) we have lots of birds in our garden...pretty and wonderful..but at times, our small fishes become their lunch which makes us not so happy. There was this one time, a kingfisher came from our nearby pond and ate all the small fishes...all like..300++ of them in our lotus pot. So, that's no fun. But he's not been around for a long the other smaller birds are quite okay. xoxox :)