Friday, September 25, 2015

Morning/Noon Sky.

 Beautiful sky in the morning..then a nice sun shot at late morning...Always Thankful..

Till next time, keep looking up.


M. Kate said...

Hello my dear friend....the pictures look lovely and I am missing you a lot :)slowly back into blogging moode :)

Tillbaka i Göteborg said...

Hi, Carolyn, thank you for your visiting my blog, always nice with your visit.

What a beautiful sky you show here, very beautiful.

It is to seldom I look up to your blog, it's busy all day with work and family life.

That you saw inside of my blog was from our summer when we traveled around Sweden and photographed in our beautiful country during our vacation. Just at that post, we were on a Woodcarving Museum, where they also had a nostalgia museum.

Carolyn, do you have facebook? You can find me on

With love