Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here We Go Again..

I have been very slow on blogging this week..Another storm hit..this one ended with sleet.
Not too neat, especially when it freezes in the morning..But taking the good from all this..just happy we are warm, have food and our youngest daughter/husband are here for a few days..
Always makes for a happy let it snow..

Till next time, keep looking up..


M.Kate said...

Somehow I knew what to expect when I read the header we go again. I certainly hope that spring comes soon and winter's over for you. What's sleet? Hope you have a great week..almost weekend now :D

High Desert Diva said...

As long as one doesn't have to venture out in beautiful.

Jenn said...

Matt and I now sit at our living room window and patiently watch the sport known as "neighbors still try to get out of the parking lot even though they have already heard 10 cars in the last fifteen minutes spin their wheels to no avail". We got snow then rain. No sleet but the temps wobbled drastically yesterday (started at mid 20's, up to almost 50, down to lower 20's overnight - yeah hi New England lol!)

I counted today, only 143 more days until the beginning of summer :) Way less for spring! Good pictures though if its any consolation!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Ha ha.. MK! you don't know what "sleet" is coz you don't have this kind of "S---T" just rain & dust §:-)

Yeah! same here, Lady C! It was said that February is the coldest month in EU, so , we have to be ready. Starts the snowfalls/drizzles the whole day.

Nice to hear that you have companions at home that makes you happy & cozy. That's all count.

Huggies from US,

Hey Harriet said...

It looks pretty. Sorry about all the snow storms. I just cannot imagaine how cold you must be feeling. Sounds lovely that your daughter & her husband are spending some time with you. Enjoy! :)

nuvonova said...

The UK has about 10cms of snow, and we really can't seem to handle it here!