Saturday, March 21, 2009

Such a Happy Site..

Here is the little run off of water from the snow..
Now to some, it doesn't mean a thing, but to me..
oh happy day..the snow is melting..even found a rock with moss on it..that excited me too..
Amazing how I never bothered to look at these things before and all of a sudden, they are so beautiful..Come on Spring...

Till next time, keep looking up..


Jenn said...

OH YEA!! We still have some glacier left in out parking lot but all grassy areas are snow free here as well...and moss is a good sign. I am totally looking forward to your spring photos of flowers and green things, any day now :)

MonikaRose said...

hello ,how are you, thanks for sharing,love the moss on the last pic, great shots.
have a great day
moss is just so beautiful, green soft and very vibrant.

Hey Harriet said...

So happy to hear that all the snow is finally melting. It will be nice and warm before you know it :)

Rosihue said...

isn't that the best! :)