Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am not enjoying these "New Beginnings"

New Beginnings .This is not what I meant.

Side/back decks..Snow just keeps on coming..suppose to stop this afternoon..Sure hope so.

Will be sitting by that fire and enjoy the warmth.

Till next time, keep looking up.


Gloria said...

Enjoy that fire and just look at the peacefulness of the snow outside, and stay warm! Love the snow photos.

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh dear, I feel your pain as I remember all too well what a difficult winter you had last year. Seemed as though it snowed until June. Here's wishing you a shorter winter equaling a Happier New Year!♥

LittleSun said...

amen sister! Hope all is well with you my friend

Jenn said...

We spent the holidays in southern California where it was 74 degrees and bright and sunny on the day we left. We took a red eye home and awoke to see this exact same view you have posted here. i refuse to believe its real. I'm trying to convince myself I got stuck in some kind of nightmare I can't wake up from and any day now I'll open my eyes to discover I've been in SoCal all along lol.

Stay warm my friend. We WILL make it through this winter!!