Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Oh my, I have been missing for a long time. Missed everyone. Hope I can get back into the swing of things.
Took a couple of shadow shots outside, snowbank and deck with ice. Then to the fireplace and a mantle upstairs in a bedroom.
I have been away so long, I have to get myself trained again. Keep the faith, I shall return.
Gee, I sound a little like Gen. MacArthur.

Be sure to check Hey Harriet's blog for wonderful Shadow Shots.

Till next time, keep looking up.


Sylvia K said...

Good to see you back!! And what a terrific set of shadow shots!! Particularly love the last two!! Delightful! Hope you have a great weekend -- well, what's left of it!


bobbie said...

Very, very nice! I really love the snow shadows.

Sweet Repose said...

Oh my you have lots of snow...very unusual for us not to be covered in it...but I'll gladly accept this no snow thing at my house anyway!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Glad to see you today! Love the fireplace tool shadows....just keepin' it warm!

Guy D said...

All are very unique, images like this are why this meme is one of my favourite.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Hey Harriet said...

Well hello there stranger! It's great to see you playing along again. You have been missed. I do realise it's hard to keep up with things though! I struggle! I like your shots. A lovely return!

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful variety of shadow shapes! And welcome back to the shadow world!

artsyclay said...

Beautiful shots ~ the last two look so cozy!

Thanks for coming by my blog and blessings on your week. ~♥~

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I've not seen fire-irons in a long time - then no-one has a real fire anymore.

Jenn said...

Great to have you back again! My favorite is the light framed rose. It is a little sneak peek at the next season, one month closer already. Be well but no worries about posting, we'll still be here whenever you are able to :-)

Anonymous said...

You still got lots of that white stuff too, dear C?

I really missed you too. Been peeping you every now and then. Hope everything is OK.

I keep my fingers that the long days of winter days will soon end, so I can see you more often.

xoxo so much...

Gallery Juana said...

Glad to see you are getting to the point where you can blog more often. We've missed you!

Winters are cozier when you have a fireplace.

Wishing you continued health.