Sunday, September 25, 2011

The End Of Summer.

We are starting fall time..These yellow flowers always bloom this time of year..Tall and beautiful.
I was very lucky to catch the Monarch Butterfly..
always exciting. Chased him all over the yard and finally got one..yes, only one, picture.
Ahh,God is good..

Till next time, keep looking up.


Bethe77 said...

Just stunning the flowers and the butterfly! I love the captures you get of Gods amazing beauty He bless's us with. Have an AWESOME week my friend!

M.Kate said...

Very pretty flowers Carolyn. It's interesting to see all those different weather changes...we are starting our monsoon soon as its raining very frequently now..hugs ...

La Alicia said...

beautiful shots! The butterfly is awesome! How did you get so close without scaring it?

Totally Timmy said...

So must have tired him out chasing him around the yard!
Love the flowers against the sky..

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Know I wonder where I have seen these glorious flowers before Carolyn. Well done with the butterfly.