Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Have you every tried Folk Art?

This is painting on wood, some call it Tole painting. Tole painting usually is done with oil paint..this is done with acrylic. I use to sell quite a bit of it. Did welcome signs, clocks and wall plaques. Will put a few pictures up later of some work..I have to admit, I gave most away. This is a very happy art..I was more into painting pictures on wood, but did do some Russian Art from a book on plaques.
I use to laugh, some canvas artist around here, didn't consider it art..To me, anything you create, is art..Look in some of your caves, they used the rock to paint on..The Amish do beautiful work ..People pay good money to get a chest painted by them.
This is a nice way to start painting and when you use acrylics, very easy clean up. So many ways to do this medium..Get yourself a brush, couple bottles of acrylic paint and a piece of wood. You use a water base varnish for the final step. Some seal the wood first with the varnish.
Do your own thing..you can get books to help you get started..Have fun..No matter what you create, it is your gift and will make you very happy..Use your gifts, they are given to you for a reason..don't bury them.
Till next time, keep looking up.


Rosihue said...

I think Folk Art is beautiful! Don't give up on it!

Kerry said...

I've been trying some painting lately. I'm just not comfy with the brish in hand, yet. I will keep trying, of course, because I LOVE PAINT!

Music Luva Mutha said...

Your folk art is so pretty!! Your a great artist! xo

Sarah McBride said...

folk art is awesome.
My mother in law gave us a Nativity one year that was tole painted. We still have it.
Someday it will be worth lots of money!!
keep up the good work!

GracieBird said...

I agree with you! If it comes from your heart- it's art.