Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My poppies are in bloom and won't last long.
The roses will bloom all summer and add privacy to the back deck. See the little bee in the rose?
These flowers don't need my help and bloom every year, so I am lucky.
Till next time, keep looking up..


Meekiyu said...

beautiful flowers! Perfect for today which is finally sunny out =D

Jenn said...

We used to have both of these kinds of flowers at our place in western MA. Our poppies were bright red orange, oh I love these kinds of flowers thanks for sharing yours! The roses were never my favorite because the bees are also not my favorite, but they sure are pretty in photos!

M.Kate said...

I love Poppies...but we dont have them here, hugs/M

XUE said...

the poppies looked like they are made of tissue! so pretty!

Rosihue said...

Oh these are beautiful! Great pictures!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a wonderful poppies you have overthere. Looks they're enjoying the sun now as you enjoy yourself, I guess?

Hope to see you on week-end to join my soon 1st bloggie BDAY.

xoxo lots!