Monday, June 7, 2010

Beautiful Poppies..

These poppies are so beautiful and they come back every year.
I don't have to do a thing for them..lucky for the poppies..
Will give myself some credit..I took the seeds from poppies, years ago in Vermont and bought them here. How I managed to get them to grow, I still don't know..but here they are. What a happy sight in the spring and I look forward to them every year. Thank you God, because you took care of them, knowing I don't do well in the garden.
Till next time, keep looking up.


littlebird said...

they are beautiful., sounds like my favourite kind of gardening!

am offline for the next few weeks but i'll be back and catch up with all the Fpf s then ; )
take care

Gloria said...

Those are some brilliant looking poppies, always remind me of those paper flowers my girls used to make for me...we all liked using that crinkly paper for fun projects! I do think it's rather amazing when flowers bloom so brightly and keep coming back, even when you haven't really done anything about it. Smile today. :)

Gallery Juana said...

Poppies always brighten my day. They blanket the sides of the freeways here.