Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank You MKate..

What a happy surprise in the mail..A wonderful package from my dear friend MaryKate from Malaysia..What treasures..The moon cake box will hold all my treasures. The rest of the things will be on display. My pictures didn't do justice to the gorgeous plate. Everything is just so beautiful and so appreciated..
Thank you my dear blogging friend and wonderful person..

Till next time,keep looking up.


M.Kate said... kind of you to put a whole post on this :) I love that decor plate so much and hope you too. Have a splendid weekend Carolyn.

Gloria said...

Lovely treasures that I'm sure you will treasure for a long time. Thanks for sharing those photos and have a great week.
Smile today. :)

La Alicia said...

what a sweet surprise package! those unexpected nicities are always a highpoint in the day!

XUE said...

Happy Mooncake Fest, Carolyn. It's officially tonight, when the moon is at its fullest ! Happy weekend too.

Lydia said...

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