Monday, December 6, 2010

The First Snowfall..

I know it is going to happen, but always hopeful that it might miss us..the first snowfall..Oh well, we have been lucky, so far..Now the winds are going to pick up..Oh dear, that can make driving dangerous..everything turns to ice..
Our little guys on the side deck play music..and it is so cute..Our #2 daughter/husband gave us this set and it is adorable..Neighbors probably think we are going through second childhood..but who cares..We are young at heart..
Till next time, keep looking up.


Meekiyu said...

o wow that looks beautiful... we had a light dusting in the city. I wish I could have such cool Christmas decorations. Last time I put a wreath up it disappeared the next morning =_=

M.Kate said... white and looks freezing cold..I love those guys, we are always young at heart. Stay warm my dear friend..hugs/M

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I hope you have that fireplace kicking into high gear my friend! We've managed to avoid any accumulation here so far but I saw a few rogue flakes flying yesterday so its only a matter of time for us too. We really should all move to much warmer pastures! Be safe & at least you can smile looking at your awesome porch jewelry :-) I sure did, they're so cute! ♥

Bethe77 said...

Love you singing friends on the deck! the snow is beautiful! Im sure we will have more soon. We had just a small flicker but... the season is ealry. Thank you for sharing the beauty therouhg your lenus. I enjoy the read and the photos. Blessings

littlebird said...

i think we are all supposed to be a wee bit daft at this time of year : )

Gloria said...

Beautiful snow photos, looks like Christmas is just around the corner. We had our first pretty snowfall here already and now expecting more this weekend. I may actually be snowed in this time. Fun Christmas decorations, I should get some that sing to me too, wonder what Emily would think?
Smile today. :)