Thursday, December 23, 2010


It is snowing and wind is blowing..The Cardinal looks like he is hanging on, so he doesn't get blown off the bar.
What a beautiful site he is. The female Cardinal isn't far away. They are always together and I believe Cardinals mate for life.
Even though snow is not my favorite kind of weather..When I look out and see the Cardinals, they brighten up everything. Makes for a happy, thankful day.
Till next time, keep looking up.

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Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Isn't it funny how one small bit of color in an otherwise grey environment can really stand out at this time of year? He's gorgeous (and resilient in the wind we've been having)!

Snow is here too but luckily the roads aren't too bad. It will make travel much easier at the end of the week.

I hope you have a really Merry Christmas and enjoy your time spent with family. memories made is what its really all about ♥