Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fingerprint Friday.

There is something so beautiful about this tree.
It is an old tree, but stands so tall. It looks very sparse, but every time I look at it, I am drawn to it.
It is a lovely Fingerprint from God. So I share my tree with all of you .
Makes sure you visit Pampering Beki's blog for more wonderful Fingerprints from God.
Till next time, keep looking up.


Jenn said...

So nice you were able to capture it on film through every season. It is a majestic fingerprint indeed :-)

M.Kate said...

What a pretty tree, happy weekend :P

Solvarm said...

Hi Carolyn!

Yes it is an very beautiful tree you have.

From our balcony, we have a wounderful wiev at a lot of threes.

And now, how is going one with you? Anybody who wants to buy your house yet?

Self have I and my beloved been in Germany and visit his parents and eat very strange things. What you say about thinn pankake mixt in small pices in a clear soap? Not my kind of favorite food.

So now I eat what ever I want, Swedish fresh potatos is an delikatess in sommer.

Sunwarm hugs from Irene

artsyclay said...

Beautiful shots! It looks very strong and sturdy, and shows us patience and perseverance to keep growing and reaching up to the sky/to God through many years, many seasons.

rentz said...

Beautiful tree. Beautiful creation of God.

PamperingBeki said...

How pretty!!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Million thanks for always dropping by at my place.
I miss you, Lady and hope you're enjoying your summer.

Yup, weather is like a ferries wheel.

Have a blissful w/end.

littlebird said...

a tree for all seasons : )

have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Gee it feels like not long ago those bottom pictures were what we saw, snow, snow, snow! Where does the time go? I hope you're enjoying a wonderful summer with your beautiful tree!♥

Chris said...

I love the snow shots of it. Imagine all that tree has seen over the years.