Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July..Let Freedom Ring.

Happy Fourth to all.

Just look at the wonderful statue and think of what it means.


On this day, we in the USA, should give so much thanks for all we have.

I am so thankful for everything and if I don't like something, I can complain and not worry about being thrown in jail.

My thoughts go out to our soldiers fighting for others, so they can have the freedom we have.

Think about the youth in Iran and the way they were killed for speaking out against the elections.

We are so lucky. Let us never forget.

God Bless America.

Till next time, keep looking up.


Chris said...

Nice thoughts. In this day and time, this is important to remember, just ask Iran and Honduras!

Jenn said...

Beautiful photos and just perfect sentiment as well. Freedom is often taken advantage of in our country but it is nothing to be squandered. Happy 4th to you as well!

Hey Harriet said...

A great post! A very happy 4th of July to you and your family. Sorry the wish is a little bit late but I hope you had a lovely Independence Day :)

Rosihue said...

great tribute :) Happy 4th!

M.Kate said...

She is so beautiful and a great symbol of freedom. Happy week