Sunday, January 13, 2008

Added two new angels.

On my Etsy page, CTM Originals, I added two little angels..Something about angels this year..Will admit it is a positive thing and I am going with it..I will only sell a few copies and then that will be it. Time to move on..
How are you doing with your projects? Remember do the things you enjoy and you will succeed..
Even if we are never recognized for our work, we have succeeded..Think of the joy it brings you and that is success. My angels are bringing me such happiness, just creating them.
Etsy is a wonderful place to put your work. It isn't expensive and it really is up to you, how to set the page up..I think it is great..Just think, you can do it from home. That is a big plus..I say this,
start using your gifts and make yourself happy.."glass half full or glass half empty", the ball is in your court. Till tomorrow, keep looking up....

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