Monday, January 14, 2008

The snow has returned...

Well, the weather took a turn and we are getting colder. Snow is falling and schools are closed.
I will keep myself busy painting..
I always put the wrong Etsy address up for my is ctmorginals.etsy . As you noticed I forgot an "i" in original...I was typing so fast and sent it in, but couldn't change it once accepted.
I guess you might say, I am really original.
You know with Valentines Day coming, a fun project..Take a pipe cleaner and twist it into a heart, single crochet all around it in red, then do a trim in white..Kids love them. They can hang them in
the window..Of course your crochet can get fancy on the last row, it is all up to you..Now tell me, is that a happy project or what?
Till tomorrow, keep looking up....

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