Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Joe's New Book.

Was very excited to hear from Joe DiLalla and how he is doing on his new book..He is co/authoring and it will be about a conspiracy involving a drug company..Based on actual events that took place in 1979-80..Right now the book is at the publishers waiting to be released..The title is "The Chosen Few".. I can not wait to get it..
It will probably scare the life out of me, knowing it is based on fact. Once it is released I will surely let you all know..Again, if you haven't read "Bloodlines" by Joseph DiLalla, please give it a try..It is such a great book and deserves so many readers..Even the Times Review in Riverhead, N.Y. gave it a great review, so you know it isn't just me.
This is great weather for a great book..give it a try.

Till next time, keep looking up..

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Rosihue said...

oooh sounds good!