Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wine recipe

4 lbs Rhubarb (any fruit), 4 quarts boiling water, 4 slices orange, 4 slices lemon, (make sure no white is on fruit), 4 lbs sugar..1 yeast cake, (I used a package), I slice bread toasted, 1/4 c water.
Pour the water over fruit, let stand for four days, strain. Then to the strained juice add the sugar.
Dissolve yeast in water and soak the toast in the yeast, add this to mixture, let stand another four days, strain and bottle..I did not bottle, knowing the yeast would still be working. I did strain and put in gallon jugs, but did not cork..I had corks with a special top you add a little water to and will show how it is still working..You can find these in a store for wine supplies. Since this was an old recipe, they used regular yeast and I am sure they kept the crock/bottle covered with cheese cloth..
I did use frozen rhubarb, easier to get the juice from. This is the way I did it. I just left the wine for about six months in the jugs..I kept thinking it wouldn't clear, it didn't look like it did, till I poured it. Now I am going to strain and bottle it.
Please remember, this is an old recipe, hand written by my mother, which I am sure is having a good laugh at me from heaven..Have fun, till next time, keep looking up.


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Very interesting. I love your snow angels!

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I never thought you could make rhubarb wine - very very cool - thanks for visiting my Etsy blog!