Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Summing things up.

I have talked a little about Astrology, Numerology and a great book to read..
It is interesting to learn a little about everything, at least, I think it is fun..I only talk about a few things that are interesting to me, but there is so much more out there.
With learning different things, you grow..your less apt to judge others and you start to see things in a different light.
Keeping your mind open and in use, doesn't take money..but can keep you very healthy in many ways.

Till next time, keep looking up.


Rosihue said...

I second that!

Connie said...

You get life , don't you???

Anonymous said...

I agree with you fully. I love palmistry! I've also had my chart done by my MIL -- It's really cool to read what the charts have to say and I was amazed at how accurate they are when done by someone who knows what they are doing.