Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did you decorate for Easter?

I haven't started to decorate yet, but Easter is quite early this year..Right now I have my Shamrocks on the doors..Might mix the two together, since Easter is the 23rd of March.
First, I will give ideas for St. Patrick's Day. These ideas are for children and the young at heart..On the morning of St.Patrick's Day, the children see green glitter and follow it to the living room and in the center of the room, they find gold foiled candy they continue on, the milk has turned green, dash of food coloring..The leprechauns have visited..It is so much fun watching the children..I always made green shakes on St.Patrick's Day..My theory in life is, let children be children, bring as much fun into their lives. They have plenty of time to be adults.
You know what is very rewarding, watching our grown up children, doing the same thing with our grandchildren..
Till next time, keep looking up.


Delia said...

Oh what fun ideas! Sure makes the holiday alot more fun now dosent it?


RittenhouseBags said...

That does sound so fun!! I agree, childhood is something to be cherished!

Rosihue said...

I love green milkshakes! Still have one every year :)

CopperSpringsLeather said...

St Patrick's day is always special im my house too. It has been more special since my son was born on that day.

Torann said...

no afraid not but I might when I move into my own house :) but I did get this cute wabbit for my art room off a easter display