Monday, February 4, 2008

The Patriots and their loss..

I feel so sorry for the Patriots and their loss in the football game..but isn't that the way life goes..You think you are on top and next thing you are brought to your knees.
For the Giants, it really didn't look good, but they won in the end..
I find this the way life goes for all of us..Some times in our life, it looks so bleak and the next day, everything changes for the better.
Our life is a roller coaster and I hope we all enjoy the ride, some of it is frightening.
Never give in to the negative..Even in the negative part of life, there is some positive. Keep focused on the good and keep looking up...That is way to your joy.

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JewelRee said...

Just letting you know, in return I have added your blog to my links! =)