Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun sites to check out.

My youngest daughter just started a blog and it is about fashion..I think you would all enjoy it.
Very interesting and to read and see what is new in the fashion world..check it out, she also has the shop BellaSakura at Etsy..I have the link at the right of my blog.
The other blog is by an Australian jewelery artist..she sells beautiful work also..
I think you will all enjoy these sites..
How about you, do you have a blog? Maybe you felt like starting one, but not sure..Get going..
I always try and keep my blog on the positive side, since there is so much negativity being pushed on us. There is just as much good in this world, as lets work on the good part. Have you ever noticed how reading something positive, give you a boost? Pull out the good things in your life, and try and take the good from the negative..Oh, it is hard, no doubt about that. Everyone of us is fighting a battle, but it is what we do in battle that will change our outlook.
Till next time, keep looking up.

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