Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More From The Old Magazines..

Two little Greek children doing their folk dance..A young Russian lace maker and a Needlewoman from Spain..The pictures are so nice and something different to look at..

Then we have the neat phone..Can you picture people using that today..?
They are very heavy, I have a younger model and let me tell you, your hand gets tired holding the thing..

This is a beautiful collar you can make..and I think it really was popular in its time..I know this, it took a great deal of work to make..
Well, that is some of the pictures from the magazines of the 30ies..Of course there is so much more, but my picture taking is lousy and can't show the real beauty..

Till next time, keep looking up.


Debra said...

I love the two little girls dancing!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Necklace. can you imagine having to sew those? much easier to bead... I would think anyway

Rosihue said...

oh these are so much fun!

Julie Schuler said...

Thanks for posting it. I love old magazines, but I don't have anything quite that old. Mine are from the '50s.

Solvarm said...


Nice pictures and good writing.

Thanks for sharing.

By from Irene

Hey Harriet said...

The little Greek dancers are sweet. Thanks again for sharing some fun pictures from your super mag collection :)

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Those 2 cuties, "me like" §:-))
I recall my good old days. Am a good Filipino folk dancer & even stil dancing this time.

I love old mags. My hubby collecting 50's & 60's.

"i look up the ceiling & think our past" *wink.

Have a nice wednesday!

Sandra Ree said...

How wonderful to have a bit of history in your hands Rosebud. I love to look back at different customs and dress from other countries as well as our own. And I love old phones, we have several that are made to look like old phones but really aren't. Muddy used to make collars by needlepoint and they were beautiful!

Happy day to you! :D

Inklings and Imprints said...

Great images - I love info and images about different cultures. So interesting to think about how other people spend their days.

Lemon Shortbread said...

These are very interesting, they sure don't make things like they used to. The collar looks really oldfashioned, the way I like it =)

Bella Modiste said...

very neat pictures!

Lisa B. said...

I love looking at old magazines! And some of the old handwork patterns are much work!!

M.Kate said...

Dearest C,
Beautiful pictures..I remembered my grandparents house having similar phones..not exactly the same but they weigh a ton!